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Rubber bands and load ratings

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wide load c-30   +1y
Is there much of a change in load rating between a China brand tire and say a Pirelli in the same size?

What has a higher load rating a 275/25-24 or a 255/30-24?
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lockone   +1y
Usually there is a big difference in load rating from a cheap tire to a major name brand tire but it is not always the case. Just for instance I have a set of 275/25/24s here in the shop. One brand is a Toyo and the other is Durun. Both have a load rating of 1565lbs.

Between the 25s and the 30 series tires the 30s would have the larger load range but only by a few lbs.
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wide load c-30   +1y
Thanks, Trevor. I don't need front tires yet but, I'm thinking ahead.
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someotherguy   +1y
I'd also consider that the FMVSS guidelines are just that - guidelines - D.O.T. does NOT test products coming in from anywhere to be sure they are meeting the guidelines. Unfortunately it's an honor system and if you think the chinese are honorable...just look back in the news about how willing they are to cut corners without any worry about who gets hurt. I'd try to go with a trusted brand no matter what. If I had a chinese tire that said it was a load range E and a U.S. tire that was load range D, I'd trust the U.S. tire first. Hell I'd trust it even if it was a Japanese tire.

I've worked for people that put cheap-ass chinese tires on wreckers I had to drive and it was some of the worst junk I'd ever rolled on. One set of tires you could watch the tread wiggle from side to side as it went down the road; didn't know it until I was following another driver in my personal truck while he drove the wrecker. Explained why it was so squirrelly on the road though, that's for damn sure!

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