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Snow Plows???

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lockone   +1y
We need some snow plows for our trucks down here in Southern TN.

I have almost 12" in my front yard.
bhb avatar
bhb   +1y
Welcome to my world...
comegetsome avatar
comegetsome   +1y
those pics are badass...wasnt there a build thread on that black truck?
big bear avatar
big bear   +1y
good old winter time. join the club man. its shitty as usual up here. cool pics for sure!
duallme avatar
duallme   +1y
now u feel my pain it sucks dont it trev
h2omelon(nick) avatar
h2omelon(nick)   +1y
Welcome to what we deal with everyday here. My truck has to be stored from November to April because of the snow. It sucks driving a little Honda Civic when you're used to driving the 3500.
A few weeks ago we got 42" in a 24 hour period!
thread post photo
big bear avatar
big bear   +1y
you know, as hard as we get hit here in northeast ohio , everytime i sit down and check out the news or weather channel i realize how much it must suck to be those people in buffalo and new england ect lol.... haha 42 inches man in 24 hr ill take a pass.
d.fens avatar
d.fens   +1y
Lake effect snows will kick your ass every single time.

When I drove a truck I really hated making a run to Buffalo NY on I90. Seemed like every time we went through there they had 3 - 4' on the ground and more on the way.
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
Glad we don't have to deal with it all the time but it is fun while its here.

Comegetsome, there is a thread of the build we did on this truck somewhere on the forum. I think the title is "Rudy's F350 Build".
low95xlt avatar
low95xlt   +1y
hahahah looks like a typical michigan winter....
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