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can i run this setup

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xms   +1y
Okay guys has anybody done this before, I have an 05 cc duramax 2 wheel drive dually
and I want to run a bigger rims (17 rockstars) with 245/70/17 on all four corners and the diameter on this tire size is 31.4, so my question is, can i run my stock 16 in the inner rear with a tire size of 245/75/16 which is also 31.4 in diameter also ?
nistech414   +1y
As far as I know as long as the rolling circumfrence is the same you can run them. Guys here do it with 22's all the time.
xms   +1y
Do you think it would be D.O.T approved
lockone   +1y
Yes you can run that setup. As long as your roll out diameters are the same you will not see any abnormal wear. As long as the tires and wheels are DOT approved you will be good. We run these setups on everything from 17s up to 24s as long as there is a tire with the right diameter.
xms   +1y
k thx guys
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