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Lower profile tire?

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muskratt2   +1y
I'm getting ready to lower the Dually here in the next month or so. I currently have 235/85R16 tires on the stock rims now. The truck came from the factory with 215/85R16 tires on it. I use this truck to haul my race car in my 24 foot enclosed car trailer as well as cruise with it. My question is what size lower profile tires can I safely put on the stock rims?
krewzlo   +1y
There isn't much in a load rated tire, I think 225/75 is the smallest load rated tire in a 16. Most people ran like a 225/60 car tire as I remember. When I had 16's I ran a 215/70/16 which I found at the time would hold the most weight. Now I run a 225/45/19 car tire.
muskratt2   +1y
That's what I'm looking for is a load rated tire because I do some hauling. Is there a tire with the same circumference as the 235 that will work but with a lower profile? I could go a 225/75r16 if I had to.
lockone   +1y
The 225/75/16 is what comes on stock 2wd Chevy trucks and you can pick them up in D and E load ranges. You wont find a tire that has a similar diameter to the 235s with a lower profile. The closest you may get is the 215/85/16 which is close to 30" where your 235s are close to 32".
krewzlo   +1y
my 00 came with the 215/85's stock, but my dads 99 had the 225/75/16
muskratt2   +1y
I kind of figured the 225/75r16 was about the only thing I could use but I wanted to see. Thanks for the help guys! How much of a difference looks wise & lowering wise do you guys think the 225/75r16 will make. I was kind of liking the 235/85r16 because I knew they would fill up the wheelwells more!
luv2xclr8   +1y
I have 225/75/16's on my 00

krewzlo   +1y
On my 00, with a 5/7 drop, my tires rubbed when I ran the 215/85s, 225/75's and a little less with the 215/70's. Then I bagged it so that problem got eliminated. you should be filling the gap fine with the 225/75's with a 3/4 drop
muskratt2   +1y
That's what I'm worried about is filling the fender wells. I hate nothing more than to see a truck with BIG gaps between the tires & fenderlips! That's why I was thinking about staying with the 235's instead of the 225's. I know though that the 225's will get it a little lower!
muskratt2   +1y
Check out this website. This is a Ford like mine with 235's on it. I will lower mine the same as this. This one is the reason I was thinking about staying with the 235's.