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Used 22" Freightliner Directionals

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lockone   +1y
We got a set of used Freights in on trade. 22" Directionals with 265/35/22 Hankook tires.

$1800 for the set of 4.

Adapters for your application available.
krewzlo   +1y
I know you wanna trade for some brentz 19's. lol.

If my wheels ever sell I may be interested
luv2xclr8   +1y
Still learning the ropes, what would these be new for comparison?
58deluxerag   +1y
Hope good deals like this are around when I finally land a job. I want.
ec_dually   +1y
thats sounds like a pretty good deal ..
considering brand new the rims already milled down are about 450 a pop and tires run about 170 or so
prican2000   +1y
DAMN GOOD DEAL for RIms and Tires.

lockone   +1y
This is a great deal you are saving more than half your money on a new set of Freights.
low95xlt   +1y
damn not owning a dually yet
lockone   +1y
Got some inner 22s available also if someone is wanting a set of 6.
bk2life   +1y
are these still available?

im in phx, really lookin for 24s, but 22s would work now..