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Tennessee Wheel and Tire \  Sad Day!!! not really but...

Sad Day!!! not really but...

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lockone   +1y
My old shop truck is off to its new home.

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krewzlo   +1y
Whatcha gonna build now?

Sorry for your loss
lockone   +1y
Don't really know I have a few dually trucks here but I think I am going to do a Suburban right now.
baha   +1y
That is sad lol is that your flamed f350? It looks killer
lockone   +1y
That is a buddy of mine in AL, Wally from the Tin Shop. I did the wheels on it a few months back. He has some big plans for the old truck since he is done with the Ford.
giovanni   +1y
About time lol..

Now you can get the suburban threw drive threw !!!!
lockone   +1y

My black truck actually fit in the drive thru. My red truck doesn't fit in any of them.
giovanni   +1y
Mine did on a few.. NOW ONLY WENDYS!!!
skyhighsami   +1y
I met Wally and the Tin Shop guys this past weekend at Showfest. Are you going to go to Scrapin' the Coast this year?
lockone   +1y
Wally and the crew are some cool guys. I wont be at STC this year.