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lockone   +1y
Just posted this on SSM on the Truxarossa thread and thought some of you guy may get a kick out of it.

thread post photo

Local guy here in town with the Truxarossa Dually...
low95xlt   +1y
513steve   +1y
Lol, nice, theres a couple of guy sin ym area with these kits on their trucks still!
albertaamx   +1y
Someone was asking for a kit like this on here within the last few months. Just bought a 7.3 parts truck ford (97) with one of these kits. It's only half there though. Rollover.
scooter   +1y
hey i have a brand new truxarossa kit.... never been mounted. i have all the pieces to put it on a crew cab, ext cab or a reg. cab. any intrest?
scooter   +1y
by the way, are those man boobs in the distance........ behind the waterfall?????
usedcarguy   +1y

Do you still have the kit? How Much?
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