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giovanni   +1y
lockone aka Trevor. Thank-you for your fast ass shipping and providing me with UPS tracking numbers. Those adapters were great got my wheels on .and man its looks tuff.
giovanni   +1y

tuckin22   +1y
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tuckin22   +1y
glad to see you kept them man looks good
comegetsome   +1y
yeah man glad to see you didnt give up and sell the truck...looks like alittle paint and you'll have her lookin i wish i could run spikes
wide load c-30   +1y
Looks good. Are those 265/35-22's with a 5/7 drop?
giovanni   +1y
YeS its a 5-7. I think it needs one more inch in front. I was thinking of slidding down the molding a inch to fill bumper gap.
lockone   +1y
Looks good.

Glad I could help you keep your truck. Let me know if you need anymore help.
stand out   +1y
looks good - the truck and the rims now i have to start on the f350 mo money ......
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