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New Designs!!!!

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lockone   +1y
Here are a couple new designs we just cut last week.

Vader 22" We also completely resurfaced the whole face of the wheel to take out all of the small imperfections.

Slice n Slot 24" True Directional

2tall610   +1y
new designs look great but i think the trailers a bit overkill for the bike
krewzlo   +1y
I really like the wheels on the furd. Are those 22's or 24's though? Too bad my broke ass will never be able to afford any. Just curious how much extra is a custom cut like that?
lockone   +1y
They are 24s on the Ford. This particular design style takes some CNC time to make the extra cuts/plunges and will run around $300-350 extra per wheel.
jbweld46   +1y
yup,that foad does look good
krewzlo   +1y
what wheel did you start out with for the slice n slot? Just a round hole wheel? Can that be done on a 22?
lockone   +1y
With the wheel pictured above I started with the 3 3/8" hole design on a 24.

I can make them happen on 22s also but they will vary slightly due to there not being as much surface area.
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