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Eagle 056 19" and 19.5" IN STOCK!!!

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lockone   +1y
Just got a few sets of the new Eagle 056 19.5" and 19" in stock. We have these for the 2001-up Chevy 3500 and New Dodge 3500.

$1200 for the 19.5" (includes 4 wheels, caps, and lug nuts).
$1600 for the 19" (includes 4 wheels, caps, and lug nuts).

Call to order or get a shipping quote.
hotwheeltat   +1y
I see it says 2001 up, but are these available for a 99 as well. Also are there matching inners for the rear or perhaps something else in a 19 inner?
lockone   +1y
I only have them for the bigger Chevy hub bores but I can make you a set of hub rings to center them up on your truck for a few extra dollars.

Currently on the 19" setup we run a 16" or 17" steel wheel with a matched tire size. No direct bolt steel 19" wheels being built as of now but we have some in the works for the future.
hotwheeltat   +1y
Thanks Trev. The more I think about it , the more I want to just bite it and go for the semi's and cut the rear fenders.
hotwheeltat   +1y
Trev, Do you think it would be possible to make a spike style center cap with centering ring similar in style to the stock cap? Basically the stock cap, but spiked in the center instead of the cup
lockone   +1y
I have never seen any like that. All of the aftermarket caps I have available for the 8 lug dually wheels are the "moon" style cap.
hotwheeltat   +1y
Could you make anything like that?
layinlo1   +1y
what tire size can i run with a 2008 chevy with a 6/8 drop?
lockone   +1y
hotwheeltat- I could make something to work or even use some off another type of wheel.

layinlo1- I would go with a 255/50/19 (29.06"), 255/55/19 (30.02") or 225/70/19.5s (32") may even work due to the large fender wells those trucks have. We put 24" semi wheels with 305/35/24 (32") on them all the time with the 6/8 drop without any problems.
freelandkustomz   +1y
DAMN, I want. Call me tomorrow if you get this. its monday march 08, 760 228 9815 i should have this thing sold on craigslist so i can buy them! let me know trev