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steer vs. drive

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bigperm   +1y
can someone enlighten me on the difference between the steer and drive wheels when buying used alcoas?
1fastlx   +1y
steers are fronts drives are rear. they are only polished on one side from the factory that is the only diff.
lockone   +1y
Basically they are using that to determine which side you want polished. Steer wheels are the fronts and are outside polished. Drive wheels are the rear outers and are inside polished. They are the same wheel with just a different side polished.
albertaamx   +1y
Isn't that only true for "Highway Tractors"

I know that all the Semi's that work in the oilpatch in Alberta here use wider rims where the lip is 2 inches past the face (when mounted in the fronts). They aren't reversible. It would be impossible to mount them on the back end of a semi.
lockone   +1y

These wheels are most common on Dump trucks and Concrete trucks here. They use this wheel to allow a wider tire for a bigger footprint. These are also considered to be a super single wheels. The width is the major difference in these compared to the normal 22.5s that we see on Semi trucks.

I was referring to the normal everyday open road 18 wheeler truck wheels like the ones we use everyday.
pig rig   +1y
I wasnt going to post my thoughts but then agian in true DS fashion I'll try single handly to derail this thread

hey trevor I sure like the paint sceam on your truck thats how I was going to paint the blazer but I got a better idea and sold it
are you going to paint it like that on the final go around if so how are you going to split the colors , pen strip, or what

lockone   +1y
Thanks Pig!

I don't think I will paint this truck this way but I may do it on my F350. If so we will break it with a pinstripe of some fashion.
pig rig   +1y
I was thinking of painting my new toyota in a two tone and red and black came to mind but my budy that has the body shop told me to go dig in the cabnet and find a blue thats close to factory and thats what he's going to paint it
lockone   +1y
Sounds like its free if it is in the "cabinet". At least that is how it works around here.
pig rig   +1y
yep thats how it works here too

just bring beer
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