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center caps for 22's

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gjf   +1y
Trevor these center caps for the 22's there are chrome steel and chrome plastic. I was helping a buddy mount his the other day and he got some chrome steel 3 pc for the rear which weren't too bad but the front caps with the 4 little clips IMHO really suck. Is there a better solution to these things? When he put the clips on the first one the cap distorted and definetly did not have a positive lock. I did the other side and took some tension out of the clip and seemed to work better but the tension of the cap was not a tight fit like the rear.
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lockone   +1y
In the metal that is the only version besides running a cap like on the rear. What happens from time to time depending on the adapters you may have (sometimes even with ours) is that the metal clips hit the hub ring on the adapter inside the wheels. This can be fixed by making 4 small notches into the hub ring of the adapter. The reason for them getting all distorted is that 2 of the clips are going inside the adapter and the other 2 are on the wheel. This is caused by small differences in the metal lips and clips on the caps.

In the ABS plastic version there are 2 styles the Alcoa hug-a-lug and the off-brand complete lug cover center cap.
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