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Tennessee Wheel and Tire \  1997 Dually For Sale!!!! $6500obo

1997 Dually For Sale!!!! $6500obo

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lockone   +1y
1997 Chevy 3500 with 172k on the 454. Custom 19s. Air ride on all 4 corners. Leafsprings still in the rear for towing. Hideaway hitch with rollpan.

Call, PM, or Email with any questions.

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milkshake   +1y
6500$? whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa??????
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lockone   +1y

We have had some phone calls and some serious talkers. Great truck for someone to drive or to build.
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someotherguy   +1y
Looks good from the pic and seems like a square deal...I sent the info to my little bro but he's got a couple of bikes to sell before he could throw that cash around.

I'm sure he'd trade you a nice custom-built Buell chopper for that truck + cash.

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lockone   +1y
If was a sportbike we could probably do some dealing. We already have too many choppers and Harley bikes we cannot sell as it is.
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