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Black Dually for Sale!!!

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lockone   +1y
I have decided to take upon a new project in the dually world and it is time to pass my Black truck onto someone who will finish it, just use it to drag around town in, or use it for a lunch bus like we do.

It is a 1994 model with all the NBS interior upgraded with leather. Most of the truck is apart right now and the interior is sitting in the shop beside the seat(which are in the truck). Runs and drives. Current motor has about 75k on it and it is a SB350. Truck has mostly been a trailer queen for me but in eralier life we drove the wheels off it.

If you want to know any other info or some more pictures just give me a call or email( )and I can help you out with those.

Asking $7000 with steel 16" and will entertain any offers or trades. Willing to make a deal on it with some 22s or 24s of the buyers choice also.

low95xlt   +1y
uh oh im thinking a dodge mega cab or the ford is getting done... shoot up some rear suspension and interior pics.... stock floor or traditiona;???? i can't remember... i know a few guys up here looking for one
lockone   +1y
Here is a link to my SSM profile and there are 50 more pics of it on there.

Here is a pic of the rear setup taken about 3 years ago before we put the floor back in the bed.

It is stockfloored and all of the floor on the inside has been glassed and smoothed. When the truck was silver the floors were painted like the outside of the truck.
low95xlt   +1y
any pics of the floor? heat? air?
onefasthoagie   +1y
first this??? good luck with your new project. i hope it tops this current truck
lockone   +1y
No Heat or A/C. The firewall is completely smooth, not even a brake booster.

Everything is roughed in on the floor and firewall and just needs to be finished. All of the work on the truck was done more than 5 years ago and is in need of some revitalization.

I will get some pics of all this stuff tomorrow. You want me to email them to you Keith or just post them up?
low95xlt   +1y
post is fine.... hmm maybe i wont tell my buddies and maybe i will by one
brianbgboy   +1y
hmmmmm, hows about the wheels on it in the pic? what kind of price tag on them before i order the 22's? those are my favorite wheel of them all!! are they 4 sale bro? later, brian
lockone   +1y
Yeah Brian I will let them ride too. I will pm you with a price.
lockone   +1y
Here are some more pics of the truck and floor.

Here is the floor. Still needs some work for paint but I was just going back with carpet because it was a pain in the ass keeping it clean while the floors were painted.

Smoothed firewall and dirty engine bay.

Bed floor and front compartment made for a toolbox or cooler.