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American Eagle Wheels, Style 0972

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jtaylor11   +1y
Wonder if ya have these or can get em in 17s? They`ll be for a 07 Chevy Dually
AEWC part# 0976-8695-2AA (Front)
AEWC part# 0986-8695-2AA (Rear)
lockone   +1y
Yeah I can get these. I may even have a set in stock. I just got another new shipment of their dually wheels and may have these in 17s.

I will check on Monday and get back with you on a price. Do you want the Chrome or Black?
jtaylor11   +1y
The chromes and going to need a pair of OEM 08 steel 17s. Found a set of AE on eBay. Pretty sure someone eles can out do em. I perfer to deal with a vendor on a forum anywayz. I like your 94. Im trying to get more ideas for my 87. So how much can ya pick that rig up of the ground?
lockone   +1y
I can also get you some OEm style 17s. Do you want the steel or aluminum ones?

My truck will lift up and clear the 24s by 5" or so. Looks about like a lowered truck when it is lifted.
jtaylor11   +1y
Ummmmm.....Lifes full of decisions. Didnt know there was a aluminum OEM. What the price difference and weight ratings on the aluminum ones? I really like to look. I was worried bout laying mine down that far and not being able to get up high enoungh so it wouldnt be a pain to get around.
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