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lug covers

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kblr elf   +1y
wats up trever i need lug covers real short wat u got
lockone   +1y
I have the normal snap on covers with a rounded head that are around 2" tall maybe 2.5". I can get you a pic of them up on Monday.
kblr elf   +1y
rnonelower   +1y
any info on the accuride covers yet was wanting to order them let me know
lockone   +1y
Rnonelower I cant read your post due to the dumbass Google ad bot thing. It is right over where your writing is.

KBLR ELF I will get some pics as soon as I can. I was out of the shop all day today.You may find some pics of them on our website or my myspace page under the customer rides section.

rnonelower   +1y
wanted to know if the accuride lug/centers were available yet
lockone   +1y

Here are the lug cover options I have available. The first one from the left is the most popular besides the Spikes and it is 2" tall as you can see. The second is the same height as the first. The third is a screw on cap that is around 3" tall. The final one is the spike screw on cap that is 4" tall.

Rnonelower, I still havent gotten a call from my Accuride rep. saying that they are instock but as soon as I get the word I will let you know.
rnonelower   +1y
kblr elf   +1y
Thanks ill hit u up soon 2 buy caps an covers
low95xlt   +1y
damn those spikes could harm small animals and humans