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DONK Week!

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lockone   +1y
This week was DONK week at the shop. We produced 2 Donk rides but nothing big. Got 2 others to do next week. Just going to put some pics up to see what you guys think about the Donk riders of our small redneck town.

1983 Buick LaSabre 24" Dip Daggers 255/30/24s lifted 3.5 in the front.
thread post photo

Sorry for the small pic.

1982 Dodge Cornet 22" Velocity 600s 265/35/22 Stock suspension.
thread post photo
huskerdually   +1y
I don't get it, but to each their own.

My wife seen one rollin through the other day and asked "wtf". So I had to explain donks to her.
rnonelower   +1y
being from ATL I see this alot can't say I would want one but some of the theme donks are kind of cool
baha   +1y
I didn't know you were from ATL too, I respect them, the ones I have seen at shows lately had really nice paint jobs, and detailed suspension!
rnonelower   +1y
hell yes representing for the A their is a lot of nice ones down here I live in McDonough were are u at
onefasthoagie   +1y
that comet isnt exactly donk. it's pretty cool.
nuklheadtattoo   +1y
Trevor....Whats good? I need some 4s...why dont take your old duece's back on trade???
lockone   +1y
What going on Tony!

I got plenty of 4s here. We may be able to work some dealin' n the Freights.
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