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NEW 19.5 Design IN STOCK

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lockone   +1y
Here is a pic of the new 19.5 design that AE wheels is making. I have 2 sets coming in tomorrow and they will fit All DODGE 3500 trucks. This also means they will fit Chevy 3500s up to 2000, they will not be hub centric but lug centric in this case.

$ 275 per wheel including cap and lugs.
thread post photo

This is an introductory price since these are the first sets out of the factory to us. Act now and save.

If you want them in 19s add 100 per wheel and 19.5 steel inners add 250 per wheel.
Additional shipping charges apply depending on the kit you prefer.
tofnlows10 avatar
tofnlows10   +1y
those are sweet!
bdydrppup avatar
bdydrppup   +1y
those look good.
erock805 avatar
erock805   +1y
Themer killer Trevor! Great stuff!
slamson avatar
slamson   +1y
Damnit, I can't afford new wheels until I start the new job this summer ...
jcampbell1180 avatar
jcampbell1180   +1y
AE's getting into thie big wheel scene?

Hmmm...that could be interesting.
lockone avatar
lockone   +1y
They have been making 19.5s for years but will not make anything bigger...I have asked.
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