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Murdered Out Makeover

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lockone   +1y
Here is a non dually customer's ride we did back around the end of last year. He came in last week and wanted to set it out a bit by painting the wheel centers black. Tell us what you think about it.

Jeep Cherokee SRT8 with Effen 22" 404s

Blacked out wheel faces on the SRT8
huskerdually   +1y
Did you fog the taillights also? Not bad for a jeep.
lockone   +1y
No not this time but I think we may have talked him into it.
low95xlt   +1y
need a lil more murdering but its a helluva nice start those are stick lil toys
texas sledin   +1y
Murder was the case that they gave him. Looks pretty good, I like black though.
lockone   +1y
Here is a '65 Lincoln that a friend of ours is doing for Mike Miller of the Minnesota T'wolves. It is a true Murdered out ride. We provided alot of the parts and a whole parts car for the project.

Only shiny stuff is under the hood. Even the Borla Stainless exhaust is powdercoated.

huskerdually   +1y
Man I want a lincoln. That is sharp.
low95xlt   +1y
speaking of stinkin lincolns hows scotts?
lockone   +1y
Been slow but steady. We actually now have the interior out of the Black one in the above pics. We also put a fresh 460 in it with a Holley Projection kit on it. He drives it back and forth to work everyday now.
huskerdually   +1y
The chevy engine in the black one is just wrong. Pics of Scott's?