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lockone   +1y
We are having a POST-BAN SALE for everyone who is wanting Semi Wheels, Direct Bolt 19.5 or 19s, or even wheels for you daily 1/2 ton. I have a surplus of several items I am willing to let go dirt cheap in lue of my recent ban from the site. I will post some other wheels that are available when I get some time tomorrow.

Sale ends March 17th at 5pm Cst
Limited quantities available and while supplies last. Doesnt apply to custom orders only items mentioned below are applicable.

Direct Bolt 19.5s or 19s.
thread post photo

thread post photo

Package #1: 19.5 with Rickson steel inner 19.5s, caps, lugs, and shipping. $1550 $200 off

Package #1.5: 19.5 with caps, lugs, and shipping. $1000 $200 off

Package #2: 19s with caps, lugs, and shipping. $1400 $200 off

22" milled Semi wheels
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All wheels are $365 each while supplies last. Very limited quantities on hand.

Solid Steel 8x10 Lug Adapters Made in the USA
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Pictured above is for 05-up Ford F350. All others have solid Hub Centric ring.

All adapters for Chevy, Dodge, and 98-back Fords are $750 shipped
Adapters for 05-up Ford F350 are $800 shipped
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erock805   +1y

I was looking at your lugs and covers for 100 a set. is that 100 for a set of four? or per wheel or what?
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csa dad   +1y
you got banned from this site or what if so that sucks
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lockone   +1y
Erock805, that is for a set of 4 and shipping is around 25 anywhere in the country.

Csa dad, Yes I got banned for "illegally advertising my products". Hence the vendor forum and the POST BAN SALE.
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98crewcab   +1y
Lock...are the tow-nasty 22's included in the sale?
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lockone   +1y
98crewcab, Townasty wheels are NOT part of the sale. As it says above only the items mention in the captions are part of it.
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lockone   +1y
Here are 2 new items I have to go on the end of this sale. Not dually items but for your everyday ride or the wife's ride.

thread post photo

On the top is the Boss 338 Chrome 20x8.5 5x4.5 bolt circle. $875 shipped
On the bottom is the Boss 330 Black w/chrome lip 24x10 6x6.5 bolt circle. $950 shipped

Only 2 sets of 22" semi wheels left. Get it while the getting is good!
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huskerdually   +1y
Wonder if I can get the 24" boss to tuck on my son's mazda, good price. What's the backspacing?
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lockone   +1y
Gonna need some narrowing done. Backspacing is +12mm.

Would look killer!!!
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someotherguy   +1y
Those black Boss wheels look great, and I'll say, Boss seems to be one of the better quality wheels in the cast variety. Dunno if all of 'em are, or still are, but last set I bought I noticed were made in the good ol' USA, where most cast are made in china anymore.

Hook me up with them helicoptas, nucka!!