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Tennessee Wheel and Tire
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baha   +1y
Let's give a Dually Scene Welcome to our newest sponsor Tennessee Wheel & Tire!

rnonelower   +1y
welcome glad to have
huskerdually   +1y
Another noob.

What's he sell?
someotherguy   +1y
How much for a set of milled steelies pls...

Just kidding Trevor

lockone   +1y
HAHA. Thanks for the re-welcome party.
I just wanted to say I am sorry to Baha for not following the rules.

That being said go check out my POST-BAN SALE I am running for 1 weeks time.
low95xlt   +1y
its only a offical re welcome once someone askes can you tell us how to mill these semi's?
congrats on the new title
low1ton   +1y
Wow glad to see we have a good wheel and tire guy on here now! (lol) This time try to follow the rules.
lockone   +1y
maz89   +1y
wow... who's this fag... TWAT uh?.. so is he selling tires or hoo-hoo's...???
J/K Trevor, good to keep ya aboard bro!