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TESTING - Dually Fenders
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guilty by design   +1y
Say a guy named kyle were to make a mold of stretched dually fenders, and say he were to sell them for around $5-600/pair. Would this be something you guys think would sell or is doing it yourself worth the savings?
krewzlo   +1y
I would buy a set right now. I need them wider and taller to lay out my 2000 chevy bodied on 24's with 255/30/24 tires. How soon are you considering doing this? I suppose the shipping would kill me though. Might be worth a road trip to pick them up. Mine are already I believe 2" wider and still need at least another inch, probably 2" per side to clear with no rub.
chuckietruckin   +1y
I would buy a set if they were wider but not raised
surfrat1960   +1y
You have my attention
giovanni   +1y
Yep I would get a set as well .. Widen not rasied
guilty by design   +1y
The problem ill be having is since some people don't narrow their rearends ill have to make 4 different molds just for 1 generation of truck. What is the most popular right now? Widened for 22s?
giovanni   +1y
Widened but u would have to go at least ,five inches wide so u can run all factory leaf ect n use stock bolt holes
chuckietruckin   +1y
hell just go wider i will drill new holes.
krewzlo   +1y
Go wider and taller to tuck a 24 on a bd then it will fit for everyone. They wouldnt need to do a narrowed axle if they could just bolt on some fenders. It would also give those on 22's the option to move up to 24's in the future.
lsfrnknstn   +1y
I'd be in for sure!