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The shop truck

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guilty by design   +1y
We picked up this dually last year so we can have a shop truck to pickup steel or haul trucks to shows. Weve been redoing some of the issues lately, we started with the rear suspension and air management.

They had an electric motor driving a york compressor in the bed. The motor had been welded to the tube and of course had also broke so ratchet straps were thrown on. They were also misaligned, they had a jumper cable running from the battery to the solenoid, and had about 3' worth of ground cable on there for some reason.

So we began tearing into it

After a weekend of work we had redone the backend. We just decided to build a new frame from the notches back, parallel 4 link we had laying around, and keep it BOA.
clunker   +1y
looking good kyle!
jcampbell1180   +1y

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
gjf   +1y

I think it was the herb..... maybe laced too???
getsum   +1y

That rats nest wasn't caused by the ganja. Looks more like a meth mess to me....
guilty by design   +1y
there was so many things wrong in that pic. We came to find out as we tore into it that the airtank wasnt mounted down, it was bolted to that angle thing but that wasnt bolted to the truck. The valves are industrial knockoffs, pressure switch wasnt hooked up, no water trap, hose clamps holding the red shop air line to the tank, no grommets around the air line or wiring, air line and wiring going through the back cab wall, and thats just wants in that picture. We pulled the bed off and now have to scrap it, they used sheetmetal screws to bodydrop it and didnt fasten anything below the bedfloor so when we set the bed in the floor it basicly collapsed in on itself overnight.

We will get her lined out tho, be driving it up to Dragfest in June.
jcampbell1180   +1y
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