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New Slam Specialties bag series and pricing changes
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guilty by design   +1y
Looks like Slam will be adding 2 new series to the lineup as well as introducing new prices. The new series will be based off the SS series with its composite endcaps, one will be the SS-C series and will feature 1/4'' or 3/8'' ports. The other will be the SS-F and feature 1/4'' or 3/8'' PTC fittings installed. The SS series will remain the same at 1/2'' ports along with the other series bags slam offers.

The new pricing structure will be as follows,
SS-C-5 $85
SS-C-6 $90
SS-C-7 $100
SS-C-8 $110

SS-F-5 $105
SS-F-6 $110
SS-F-7 $115
SS-F-8 $125

SS-5 $95
SS-6 $99
SS-7 $105
SS-8 $115

RE-5 $99
RE-6 $105
RE-7 $109
RE-8 $115

HE-6 $120
HE-7 $135
HE-8 $145

XS-6 $169
XS-7 $179

Prices on my site are good untill January 1, 2013. These are the chaeapest youll ever see slam bags again so if your looking to buy or stock up, now is the time. The reason behind this price increase is due to raw materials going up, but i applaud Slam on keeping their bags made here in the US and not going overseas for cheaper pricing.
tulsaprez   +1y
Thank you for keeping us updated. I really appreciate that sir as well as others I am sure.
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