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Mazda B2000 LSD Diff

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mazda rx2000   +1y
Ok so From What I here a 85 rx7 LSD diff, Fit's in a B2000 Rear end, Now Before I go out and hunt 1 down .. I know 1 Off you Guy's out there know if this work's I have the 13B swap in my truck and the peg leg ant cutting it for me .. Well Any help On this would be great .. Thanks Guy's... (Mazda RX2000)
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mazda rx2000   +1y
Sorry Just trying to get it moving ya know..
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elbine69   +1y
79-85 rx-7 diffs fit in the b2000/b2200 rear end.
86-91 rx-7 diff works in the b2600 rear.
More info here:
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b2fe3   +1y
I have just done this swap about 2-3 months ago and have recently discovered that the end play in the axle shafts has increased to about a 1/4 of an inch on each side. I have since removed the shims on one side of the axle but this has not put the end play into the specified range of between .002 to .01 as specified for the end play for the axles after being reinstalled or even the .026 to .037 inch range for the axles when first installed. I think the end play it so much greater since the spider bar that is between the axle shafts is not as thick as the spider bar that is in the open differential. Other than the end play though the 84-85 RX-7 LSD fits in and works very well.

Any one know if there might be a thicker spider bar that could be used in the RX-7 differential. If so telllll meeee. I'm a little worried about destroying my bearings.

Alternatively you could try and use a latter RX-7 differential and the latter kia sportage axle shafts. However I don't know if this would work. If your looking to do a hub change and putting in a linked rear suspension this could be a great way to do so since the sportage axle is a four link rear end with a panhard rod for lateral stability. Again if you know anything about this post a reply please.
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hex0rz   +1y
Chances are, if you can get the pumpkin from an rx-7 with the right LSD, you could get the WHOLE rear end and then have IRS!
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b2fe3   +1y
Any way I finished removing the shims and put rtv inplace of the shims since it was leaking without the shims and the end play is something like 3/16 to 1/8 of an inch. I guess to get it any closer I'll have to machine the bearing housing after taking them off the axles. Has any one removed the bearing from the axle shafts? More specifically are them pressed or is the bearing retainer threaded on to the shafts?
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DrFate   +1y
Hey b2fe3,

Did you ever get the axle end play within spec? I'm picking up a LSD from a first gen RX-7 soon and want to maker sure I don't destroy my bearings.
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