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Kalebs Ranger Re-do

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guilty by design   +1y

This truck was just bagged by an "infamous" shop that works on "customs" and kaleb brought it in for a total redo. He got it right before sparks 5 and i had talked to him at the show about what he wasnt happy with. We found the air compressors zip tied to the frame and the gastank was held in with a ratchet strap. When he got home after the show the compressors fell off and the driveshaft snapped due to the cab not being notched. I got it sunday and did my inspection... not good. We will start at the back and work our way foward.

The bumper is shimmed about 1/2'' on the pass side. Not sure is the bed is crooked or its the frame.

The auxillary battery is held in with a metal band used for securing shipping boxes, note the huge power wide located between the frame and strap.

The bed had been channeled 7'' and to make up the gap they welded in tubing on only the front and rear 2 mounts. These tubes are actually welded in so now the bed cant be unbolted.

The c notches are a joke. Also note the shocks that hit the bump stop perches that were left on the axle.

Kaleb said they could not put gas in the cell, i found out why.

Heres the $200 new exhaust with 50 series muffler

The driveshaft rubbed the cab lad out, hit the carrier bearing crossmember at full lift


Front bags already rubbing due to frame not being cut out. They also used floater cups.

Front Z

Firewall shaved

Drivers side trailer fender rubs the booster, also note the harness not only not relocated, but just shoved through its hole. I can stick 4 fingers through from the inside.

Battery just laying there not mounted

The motor ran like shit, we found a major vaccum line taken off and have no idea where it went.

And remember the bumper being shimmed down on the pass side? The pass side of the hood is shimmed up.

Neither one of the doors shut properly at the moment, were hoping the frame wasnt twisted.

All of this could be yours at the low low price of...

Plans are a total frame redo from the notches-back. Relocate air management, lever 4 link, notch cab for driveshaft, redo frontend, and get the motor running correctly. Ill be starting in a few days.
sparkys-crewcab   +1y
i cant believe somebody would do all that hacky crap ... ... WOW! the notch is barely welded to the frame... that has to be the worst "z" i have ever seen.

this dude is so lucky that the frame didn't break while he was driving it...

at least the truck is in good hands now...
nistech414   +1y
Oh my god who the hell put that thing together? Thats beyond hack, criminal in my opinion. I would seek legal advice after that kind of work! Did they really charge 10k for that? And sparkys is right, lucky nobody got hurt. Thats fukn' ridiculous.
adamt811   +1y
I like the "and alot of other stuff" on the reciept. Crazy
comegetsome   +1y
yeah please inform everybody of the shop that done this work so everyone can stay far away from there...but i kinda got an idea with the "infamous" and "customs" line...we usually let our customers buy everything then we charge on labor by how much they want done but labor has never exceeded 2k
guilty by design   +1y
^^You are correct sir!

Tore into it today and found more lil suprises.

Gas filler neck stretched with flexible radiator hose. Also note the plugged vent tube.

The cell comes with plastic caps to prevent dirt and whatnot from getting inside, they left these on instead of buying plugs. Note the evap canister vent plugged off and the entire pump assembly held in with silicone.

We had to cut 3 of the bed mounts off to remove the bed, the 4th broke off on its own.

Cut off around 47 zip ties

Bitchin pinion angle

This is laid out, the way they had it built the bag plates would have been at different angles and the centers would be about an inch off from each other.


The fuell cell was also held in by a piece of strap that had been welded in, making it impossible to remove the cell for servicing. After i cut the one remaining metal band the cell did cock sideways however.
all4sho   +1y
just......... WOW!!!!
luv2xclr8   +1y
If that Ranger was mine you would be
reading this reply between around 1-2
in the afternoon from the state pen

In other words, I'd shot 1st, asked for
a full refund later, that's f'n rediculous
all4sho   +1y
hell just the $9,847.07 in the first place is damn rediculous
bhb   +1y
Wow....Just wow.

Bagged hackjobs rule!
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