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guilty by design   +1y
Been uploading my line of fittings over the past few nights and will be adding more this week. Feel free to look around and order anything you need. All my nickel plated fittings are ASCO brand and most are cheaper than other websites composite fittings.

Ill also have a ton of bracketry added soon.
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guilty by design   +1y
Im now carrying Hyspecos link of Parker PTC fittings and colored airline.

As of now i have 3/8'' line in black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown, and silver. all lines are rated at 150PSI and have a temp range of -40
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low95xlt   +1y
damn where were you a few weeks ago with this stuff lol
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krewzlo   +1y
Only 150 psi? On the line?
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layed521   +1y
My front bag mounts just got here yesterday! Can't wait to get em installed this weekend! Before I rip into my truck what size wheels/tires will those mounts lay out on?
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guilty by design   +1y

Most manufacturers put a 3X safety rating on line... that means if its rated at 150 it will actually burst at 450.
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