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Presidential Detailed: 600+WHP SUPRA-COBRA IRS

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the twanksta   +1y
I had a slew of cars thrown at me over the last couple weeks from SR Performance. I do a lot of work for them once they are finished with the mechanical fix ups. This car in particular is their shop car theyve had for a few months now. This car has a GIANT single turbo setup with a built auto tranny(not familar with the exact model-maybe turbo 400??) and also is equipped with a full COBRA IRS rearend. Doesnt hurt to make 600+WHP and never fall out of boost with the auto!! Its like a rocket when you peg it! There is no doubt it is definitely a fast car, but it definitely needed some exterior loving!!!!

When I first started, it was covered in dust and sand so I had to be very careful washing it.

the twanksta   +1y
I started with the hood to see where I was going to stand, it had a fairly hard clear and I ended up having to use a Burgandy wool with M105 using the KBRM to remove the defects. This was not a factory paint, nor a good quality one, but I was able to clean it up pretty decent for what it was.


Can you say Brillo pad??

Now can you say VOILA!!

And finally, the entire hood finished.
the twanksta   +1y
I then moved onto the rest of the car using M105/Burgandy, M105/Polishing Pad, and M205/Finishing Pad.

After compounding only..

Fender Corrected/Door Uncorrected.
the twanksta   +1y

After Compounding Only..



After Compounding Only..

Rear Wing, which we actually decided to leave off! haha!


A few more pics in the halogens after compounding.

And yes, that is a 4" straight through exhaust NO MUFFLER, it sounds incredible!
the twanksta   +1y
These were the best sun shots I could get..

And a few final reflection shots..
Here is my est. 2400whp shot. (Supra-600whp/Viper-Twin Turbo Fully Built Estimated at 13-1500whp/350Z Twin Turbo-500whp)

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