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Presidential Detailed: 03' COBRA

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the twanksta   +1y
A friend of mine just picked this car up a week ago from a local Ford Dealer. I honestly do not know how their detail department gets away with putting out this kind of work! This car was in the worse condition out of ALL the cars I have done so far..keep in mind this is Ford paint..its moderately hard. Also keep in mind this was 1 WEEK AFTER Ford detailed it.. :mad:

Id also like to mention that this was my first time using M105, I dont think a polish/compound can get any better than this! Most of the reviews say its got a learning curve, maybe I just did enough research before I tried using it. this stuff is no joke, it literrally removes ALL defects in 20-30 seconds whereas SIP/PFW would have taken atleast 3-5 minutes! It would have taken 4 passes to do what I did with M105 twice to get the same results...I have definitely found my new favorite!

Optimum Car Wash
DD "Uber" Red Drying Towel
DD "Uber" Wool Mitt
Dual Buckets with Grit Guards
3m "green" Masking Tape
Optimum Instant Detail Spray
Adams Professional Clay Bar
Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray
Megs M105/Megs Solo Burgandy Wool x2
Menzerna 106ff/LC FLAT White 5.5" and 4"
Menzerna Top Inspection
Tons of Uber MF Towels
Black WOW
P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel
Swissvax Pneu

Lusso Oro applied with Uber Foam Applicator

Dual Work Lamps
Dewalt Hi Speed Rotary
World's Greatest Boar's Hair Wheel Brush
Foam Pad Cleaning Brush
DD Detail Sponge
The Wheel Well/Fender Brush
The Spoke Brush
Canon Rebel XTi
Craftsmen 295MPH Vac/Blow


The hood was horrendous looking with deep swirling and holograms galore! the entire hood was like this...






the twanksta   +1y
Now in the halogens.. :ignore:


Front Fender..

Front Fender..


Rear Fender..

50/50 with SIP/PFW..not quite enough but almost.

This side with M105/Burgandy Wool. It left its own marring but it removed all defects very weel and in VERY LITTLE time. Was almost effortless!

This side with SIP/PFW. I got a pretty good finish with this combo, however there were still traces of defects throughout the panel and took considerably more time to remove less defects. So I chose to do the car with M105.


I did a small section over my M105 panel with 106FF/LC FLAT WHITE and found no holograms just as TSC17 said! Saved me ALOT of time!

Driver/Passenger door after M105/Wool x2

Fender Before:

Fender After M105/Wool x2
the twanksta   +1y
After M105 x2/106FF..

One of my favorite pictures I took..

the twanksta   +1y
SUN SHOTS!! Kinda..there was a little overcast.

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