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Presidential Automotive Detailing Introduction/Pricing!!!

Presidential Automotive Detailing
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the twanksta   +1y
Thanks for looking at the site! Well first off let me start off by letting you know a bit about myself. Some of you may know me from the beginning days of Rangerscene, I had a 94 Splash on 20s but it was stolen. I have been detailing my own car/trucks since I was 15, I am 23 now and have just recently went "pro" and opened my own company. I do this full time,it is my only work so you know I will give you nothing but the best product and customer service available! I will return calls, PMs, and comments as quick as possible! I would also like to note that I am not your ordinary detailer, I will take a completely faded, swirled, scratched car and bring it to better than new finish. REFERRALS ARE HUGE FOR ME!! If you refer me to a detail, I will give a special discount rate on your detail! I offer two levels of paint correction with my exteriors:

"Basic" Exterior(1-step polish)
I offer this "basic" package for those not looking to spend a ton of money or don't necessarily care about getting that absolute perfect show car finish. Most people will use this on a daily driver or to clean up a new car or to even sell their car faster! However, I can only guarantee about a 85-90% correction of the paint with this process.

"Presidential" Exterior(3-step polish PERFECT SHOW CAR FINISH!)
I offer my "Presidential" package which is for that person who does not want ANY flaws in their paint at all! This detail goes through all the depths to get your car to have the deepest shine possible! I use a 3 step process and can guarantee a 99% correction(granted dents and big scratches cannot be removed). This is for those who like to show their car off at meets and shows!

Both of these packages are exterior only, and both include wash, clay bar, extensive cleaning of the wheels(including the barrel), wheel wells, the paint correction package of your choice ("basic" or "presidential"), and a high quality wax along with all the necessary dressings. I use nothing but the best polishes and wax on your vehicle to give it that long lasting shine!

ALA CART- Extra services I can offer!

Interior Details
My interior details consist of shampooing/vacuuming of the carpets and seats(if you have cloth), all leather/vinyl cleaned/protected, and glass cleaned.

Engine Compartment
My engine compartment detail consists of de-greasing, using the appropriate brushes and chemicals to remove the grime, and then applying all the necessary dressings to give it that brand new look!

A/C Odor Remover
This is a specially designed product just for getting that nasty smell out of car, whether it be smoke, mildew, etc! Works wonders!

Raggtopp Cleaner/Protector
This is a specially designed product for those with convertible tops, fabric or vinyl! This will make your top look better than new and will also protect it against the suns UV rays. Avery commonly used product of mine!

A full detail will take me somewhere between 15-20 hours, while just an exterior is somewhere around 10-12 hours just to give you an idea of the level of work I am doing!

Also be sure to check out my myspace page! - Presidential Automotive Detailing

I am also mobile but traveling expenses will apply.

Presidential Automotive Detailing
Billy Aylward
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draggin20ʹs   +1y
clean my truck
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soccorjimmy   +1y
I got a question, I use only the Adams line and a PC7424. What is the best ay to get all the little swirls out. I dont drive it all the time and it hardly sees rain. Could I just use the swirl remover by itself and the PC. In the past Ihave used the a little swirl and haze remover with the machine wax. What do you use for the ragtops, as you can see I have one and ewant to take care of it. Thanks JIMMY
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the twanksta   +1y
I do not use Adams polishes, so I couldnt really tell you how to use those. I use mostly Menzerna polishes and some Meguairs. A PC should be able to get any swirls out though.

As far as the ragtop, use Raggtopp! haha! Thats what the product is called! just make sure you get the kit for your top, either vinyl or fabric. You can pick this up at or good luck!
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