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Product Updates

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guilty by design   +1y
New doorhandle shaver panels for the BBS guys

Tailgate shaver panel for 86-93 mazdas

And gas door shaver panels for 98+ rangers

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guilty by design   +1y
Now carrying toggle switch extensions in chrome, metal flake blue, and metalflake red.

Also now carrying 9 strand switchbox wire available in 10 and 50' rolls.

And now available, the Surface Vol.4 &quot;Focus Driven&quot; on DVD and Blue Ray.
smctoy   +1y
Hey bro...I just wanted to let you know that my boy/club member ordered a good bit of parts from you for his S10 Im working on. When he asked who I trusted when it came to parts I suggested you &amp; he went with your shop/site. Looking forward to getting the parts &amp; getting the truck back on the road.
guilty by design   +1y
Thanks man, your williams friend then?
smctoy   +1y
That would be correct lol! He's already texted me &amp; posted on facebook that he ordered his parts. Im a pic freak so as Im working on it Ill post the progress.
guilty by design   +1y
Muchos newness!

Billet steering wheels

Misc exterior and interior billet pieces

I also picked up the full line of AVS LED tailights, porterbuilt crossmembers and control arms, Cando arms, Choppin Block arms.

Also be on the lookout for some new bracketry to make your builds easier.
guilty by design   +1y
New motor dress up items available

Im now an authorised dealer for Autoloc and am carrying various item from them

I even now sell these!
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