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Control Armor Fab Tacoma Control Arms
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guilty by design   +1y
For those of you on here with tacomas im carrying uppers, lowers, and complete kits from Control Armor Fab.
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Theyre also working on parts for the pre tacos as well. Just one more part im trying to expose to you guys in hopes of making life easier.

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baha   +1y
That's pretty cool, do they have a website?
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smctoy   +1y
very nice
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cable   +1y
control armor fab...that's kane from arkansas right?
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guilty by design   +1y

Yep yep thats him! Ive been carrying these for awhile now but didnt have the target crowd i do now to offer them to.
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stll2hi   +1y
How much for the uppers?
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guilty by design   +1y

Heres the specs:
Presenting Control Armor Fabrications upper tacoma control arms. They are made from 1 1/4'' .125'' DOM tubing and use screw in MOOG balljoints. They utilise your stock cross shaft and are built slightly longer then stock to allow for more camber adjustment. The ball joints are also angled to relieve stress.
*Fits 95-04 Tacoma
*Lays on a 245/35/20
*Includes energy suspension bushings and MOOG ball joints
*Delivered in raw steel, powdercoating available

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cable   +1y

kane's cool as hell,he met me all the way in birmimgham,al. I bought a tacoma cab off him for my wife's tacoma,it was featured in truckin' feb.09 issue,before I got it,it's getting a sfbd and 20's,I might need some of those arms to....
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layntaco   +1y
a 245 35 20 is 26.8 inches...a 215 30 22 is 27.1 u think these arms will lay a small 22? I have cando uppers now with angled ball joints and they will lay a 20...but ball joints bind up at 100 psi in front (re-7) bags...will these allow more lift? My truck is a 99 tacoma, bagged, bodied on steelies. Considering trying to runn 22s, or possibly getting different arms for more lift....lowers are stock. Thanks!
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