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"Evil Kyle"s Toyota

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guilty by design   +1y
This is a pre taco i did work on years ago and couldnt show much of, but that its made its debut at showfest ill show some pics.

I redid the backhalf, redid the upper arm mounts, mounted the V8, redid the goobered framehorns, built the basic structure of the seats, did the sheetmetal in the bed and built the firewall and tranny tunnel. The backhaf is also an air storage frame from the notches back.

Kyle had been busting ass on it since late last year and got it finished just in time for the show.

baha   +1y
I wish I would of went to see it in person I love it man killer work, and who ever did the paint job killer work there too!
baha   +1y
do you have any more pics of how you did the transmission cross member?
vegasyota94   +1y
that thing is sick... that paint job looks like my tattoos.
smctoy   +1y
this truck is sic
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