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Lazer Cutting

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guilty by design   +1y
All my parts are CNC cut on a 4,000 watt Amada lazer. This machine has capabilities of 1/2'' mild steel or 3/8'' stainless and aluminum. We can also etch with this machine. We only use P&O mild steel, this makes for a cleaner cut and an overall better piece for you the customer.

All orders are on a quote by quote basis. I can either draw your part in CAD or you can supply me the drawing. Lead times on custom orders are usually 1-2 weeks.

Some examples:

smctoy   +1y
awesome work
nc dragger   +1y
Do you do steering wheels as club logos or custom designs ?
guilty by design   +1y
Steering wheels are gettig into machine work but if its siple enough i think it could be done. I have permission to use both the RA and NC logo but hvent heard from anyone else yet.
mazdaonfire   +1y
you think u could make some pretty evil lookin skull gussets??
vegasyota94   +1y
my neighbor has a BIG cnc machine.. he says i can use whenever i want. i should get into this. lol
guilty by design   +1y

Something like that?
mazdaonfire   +1y
hell yeah, i didnt see those on your site but i def want some, how much those run
guilty by design   +1y
Thats an old piece i offered years ago. I dont have any bracket on the site thats not in stock so thats why you dont see them. If you want some theyre $5ea and ill just go ahead and bulk order them so theyre on there.
mazdaonfire   +1y
alright sweet, ill defintely be buyin some