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mxer201   +1y
Members who own a B2600i, I would like to know how many miles you are able to go on a full tank before having to fill up again? And would you mention if you have 2 or 4 wheel drive and auto or manual trans. ? Thanks.
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down2earthdawg   +1y
I dont have a stock gas tank but when I did I got around 280 to 310 depending on traffic now I get almost 500 with the help of a 22-24 gallon custom fuel cell!
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down2earthdawg   +1y
o I forgot its 2wd
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ridinlow   +1y
i get like 300 and it 4x4 on 33s
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Whitey91   +1y
My Mazda 1991 B2600i Cab Plus 5 speed manual transmission with a 14.8 gallon tank gets 255 miles on one tank of gas straight driving on the interstate. 87 octain. My truck is all stock no modifications 14 inch tires 2wd. 281,000 miles. As a note, the standard cab has a 16 gallon tank.
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