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maztang (ryan)   +1y
anyone know if you can change the u joints on an 89 b2200 or if you have to get a new driveshaft? i have heard that you have to get a new driveshaft but i don't know what would be the problem in changing them myself.
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drpdmazda   +1y
yeah they can be replaced pretty easily, there is a nut on the inside part of the drive shaft, you have to get at it with an open end wrench, once you losen that the drive shaft should come apart
maztang (ryan) avatar
maztang (ryan)   +1y
i thought so, i just kept hearing that for whatever reason that you have to change the whole driveshaft and i thought that that was retarded. thanks man.
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mark   +1y
you can easily get a replacement for the carrier bearing ujoint (middle ujoint on 2peice) but on the 1peice or the 2peice yoke and axle ujoints are not readily replacable

although, a place called Arizona Drivelines do sell staked ujoints, which is what the mazda ujoints are. to get these in they need to be pressed in..need to be pressed in evenly, or else you'll break the ends, similar to press in balljoints but more delicate.

hardly any driveline shops will do it, cause you are likely to ruin the ujoint ends, that's why it's really just easier to buy a new shaft or a good junkyard shaft, unless you have the tools in hand
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teknickle   +1y
I hate to dig up an old thread, but I don't like wrong information being out there (because I dig through forums like these for information in rebuilding my B2200).

I got discouraged after finding many posts over the Internet talking about staked joints needing to be handled by driveshaft shops, or buy a replacement at a boneyard. That is HORRIBLE information.

I found the replacement u-joint for $25 at the local Advance Auto parts (no, OReilly and Autozone do not carry 24mm ujoints for retrofitting stacked yokes).

It was really easy to do and I made up an instructional video to help anyone else that might need to do the same:

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Tripinup   +1y
Where's the video on doing the ujoints? Thanks
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