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possible 4x4 conversion idea questions

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ryan_b2k   +1y
Hello all, been a while since I posted but summer is here and I'll have a little more truck time now.

Will a 5 speed from a 4x2 bolt right up to a transfer case in a 4x4 or are they different trannies? Here's the scenario I'm curious about: I have a 4x2 in way above average condition. Other than a faded original paint job, everything on my truck is rock solid, especially the body. I'm kicking around the idea of dropping as much as I can from it on a 4x4 frame and use my motor / tranny / etc (2.0 w/5speed) if for no other reason than I've had the truck for 15 years and I know its service history, and if the trannies are the same than it won't matter if my donor truck is an auto.

also, did the 4x4's come standard/available with a limited slip rear or should I pull one out of an rx7?

If you drop a body onto another car's frame, which VIN do you use to title it? I'm assuming the VIN follows the body?
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lowonair   +1y
Some good questions, however I have no answers for them. Interesting enough though, I'll have to check back....
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toddluck   +1y
vin with boday
cant help an the rest
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ih8bmps   +1y
Don't quote me 100% on this but I believe the tailshaft on the transmission is different in 87 and 88 so you will need a 4x4 trans and case, not sure from 89 to 93. I do however have a 4x4 frame in pretty good shape, but I already tossed the motor and trans (sorry couldn't even give it away). The problem with the RX7 diff is most were IRS setup, while cool it's a lot of work for what you get, good handling but poor straight line traction. An alternative that is much easier is an 8.8 solid axle from a 94-04 mustang, 93-97 ranger 4.0, or 95-01 explorer, and most of the rangers and explorers came with a posi unit. The other problem you might run into is the 2.0 with four wheel drive will be way underpowered. Thats why I'm sticking a 351 windsor in mine.
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ryan_b2k   +1y
Thanks for the reply man. I had a feeling the power would be pretty low with the 2.0 I only intend to use it to drive on the beach and my buddy gets around fine in his 4cyl 4runner which has about the same power as my truck. How different are the frames between 4x2 and 4x4? The other thing I'm considering is just going with a divorced t-case, new drive shafts, front axle, hubs, and beef up the steering. It would be minimalist, but I'm not trying to do any mudding or crawling in it.

The 351 will be pretty sick. what tranny are you bolting up to it?
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Gumby79   +1y
I have an 87 4x4 that I am stuck on . 2.5 quarts of oil into the water in 15 miles cracked head cracked block number 2 cylinder purchase a crate motor, to learn the two wheel drive will not bolt up to a four-wheel drive. No adapters available. what motors can I put in what are my wide block options?
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