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Dually Engine \  Driveshaft Carrier Bearing play?

Driveshaft Carrier Bearing play?

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98_454_dually   +1y
I have a 1998 Chevy 3500 Dually 454 2wd.
Stock height, stock wheels.
Should there be any play in the drive shaft carrier bearing? I can move mine, which looks like it's the rubber piece moving. It moves up and down at least a 1/4".
Any help would be great and thanks
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dzl1   +1y
Welcome to the forum from Florida. I know that you mentioned that your carrier being has some play, but what other symptoms if any are you experiencing?

Check out this thread:

This is what happened with mine. Hope this helps.

98_454_dually avatar
98_454_dually   +1y
Just a vibration. But it gets pretty bad when you get on the interstate.
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