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robzombie10   +1y
Ive been searching all over the internet and im sure its here somewhere and i want to make sure that i have the right idea here. So i was driving my truck yesterday and got about 15 miles down the road and it started stumbling and acted like it wanted to die, eventually it did die and when it did it didnt want to start again, eventually getting it started it acted as if it was starved for fuel. now recently its been taking a minute to get it to start. Ive been reading places and im pretty sure its the fuel lift pump but still unsure what else i should check before i start buying stuff.. any other ideas?? anybody please help need this fixed real soon.
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sadistic636   +1y
What make/model/year?

I have a 93 F350 and the fuel filter housing leaks when its parked uphill and will die 2 seconds after starting if its left in that position for to long. After about 30 seconds of cranking I do get it started but it runs very rough for about a minute and then goes back to normal. Park it downhill and I have no problems because the fuel filter wont leak.

So check around for leaks because an air pocket in your fuel system might be messing you up.
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robzombie10   +1y
Well its a 1994 chevy 3500 with the 6.5td. I inspected while running and didnt see any fuel leaks.
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robzombie10   +1y
Okay so ive driven the truck a little more, tested the lift pumo its working fine. Now im thinking the culprit is the fsd only because its still got the stock fsd in the stock spot, also read that a small fuel leak can cause this, can I please get some input?
Again the truck will run fine when first started in the morning, once warmed up it will either start stumbling and die or just stumble a little until you shut it off. Once you shut it off and restart it if it sits there for a few seconds or you put it in gear it will die and not want to start for a while.. ive been reading like crazy before I buy parts. Really want to exhaust the simple to do stuff first.
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robzombie10   +1y
So still no input, but im sure its either the pmd or ip, I could really use some input on testing the injection pump please.
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98_454_dually   +1y
I know this sounds funny..When its running. do you still have your cruise control working? Next..have you check for air in the fuel? Next when it shuts off and you turn the key off then on do you hear the lift pump come on for a few seconds? Next do you have any ses light on or flash? And when was the last time your fuel filter was changed? We can start with that.

I had a 6.5t and hate to say but worked on it a lot!! Then sold it. I'm not a professional mechanic but I feel like I could be on one of those 6.5t now..haha
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getsum   +1y

I have no cruise, (used to) and cel is on solid (always has been) Lift pump is new, injection pump is new, fuel filter has less than 1000 miles on it. replaced oil shutoff switch twice in the last two months, blows fuel out the tail pipe like there's no tomorrow. Any words of wisdom?
93 6.5 td.
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