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wildkardboyz   +1y
has anyone run this throttle body spacer on their 454??? If so what do you think of it? It's a hard swallow for 150.00 I would like some info and maybe some feedback if someone is running one thanks guys...
big daddy caddy avatar
big daddy caddy   +1y
If the manifold is a WET style then it will make a difference.

If it is a DRY style manifold, then there will be NO difference.

Wet= injectors above the throttle body
Dry= Injectors at the bottom of the runners near head
krewzlo avatar
krewzlo   +1y
I have one, dont waste your money. If you really want one I will sell you mine.
someotherguy avatar
someotherguy   +1y

To clear it up a little more if your engine is throttle body (TBI) up to 1995 then it may give you a slight improvement, probably not much, and not worth the price.

If it's Vortec 1996-up then no way in hell...forget it.

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