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layedoutc3500   +1y
I was just wondering I'm wanting to put hids n my 98 c3500 do I need different types of ballasts for the hi & lo beams or do you use the same ones for both
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krewzlo   +1y
They require one ballast per bulb. Your truck will need two complete kits. I recommend getting relay harnesses for them and you can wire them so on high beam all 4 bulbs are on. They make a relay kit to do it or you can use a diode on the trigger wires for the relays so it will allow the low meams to work with just the lb bulbs but then on hb all 4 will be on. I have always used ddmtuning but their bulbs and ballasts dont last long but have lifetime warranty, they have new kits that are supposed to be better but twice the price. I just installed the new ones on my jetta a few days ago so not sure the quality yet. Next time I may go to the retrofit source but they are double the price of ddm's better kits
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