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1986 C30 Diesel Front Wheel Covers

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marvy426   +1y
Hello, I am new to this ! I have been looking for a set of wheel covers for awhile now for my friends 1986 Chevy c30 Diesel. He is a very good friend and have wanted to get them for awhile. My prob is everywhere I look I cant find them. I have checked Craiglook, ebay, jc whitney, ETC. Does anybody know where i can find the stock front wheel covers. Some people say they are wheel simulators, so I looked for that too, but have never found any. All I find are the rear wheels. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would very much Appreciate it ! THANK YOU !!
kustommetaldan avatar
kustommetaldan   +1y
We use Pacific Dually at work. They cover all makes from the fifties to present day. Dan
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