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kboat   +1y
I'm an owner of a 87 GMC 1 Ton Crew Cab long bed that I'm looking to convert from regular wheeled to Dually & would love a little advice on the the most effective yet buget mided way to reach this goal. Salvaged hug, Adaptors/spacers?
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brianbgboy   +1y
go to they sell the complete conversion..... later, brian
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desert   +1y
Here is what the " Arrowcraft " kit looks like (My Dually fenders)
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Ran the rear setup about 6 months, Found a deal on a complete Dana 70HD , swapped it in a few weeks back. looks the same but with towing my camper and trailer I wanted a full floating rear with the extra capacity.

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comegetsome   +1y
find a dana 70 like stated above......swap it in...i have one i took outta my dually id take 150 bucks for.....then some rear fenders....i bought a set at junkyard awhile back and paid 200 for them.....then you will need the dually front hubs.....prolly 50-100 bucks at junkyard.....the spindles are the same just the hubs are differant....then 6 dually rims and you will be good to go....your best bet might be to find a dually on craigslist without a drivetrain for 5-800 dollarish range still all the aprts you need and scrap the rest you will make most of your money back
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john-e bravada   +1y

Find someone local who is slamming one with a C&C rear and SRW hubs conversion. Like me:) I have the D70, hubs and a set of wheels in my scrap pile I would sell you. All you need is a set of fenders.
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58deluxerag   +1y
What does "full floating" mean?
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john-e bravada   +1y
C-clip axle = the axle shaft takes the weight of the vehicle and transmits torque, the axle is held into the center section by a c-clip. If you break an axle the wheel falls off. Example = D35, D44, ford 8.8.

Semi Float = the axle shaft takes the weight of the vehicle and transmits torque, the axle shaft has the bearings pressed onto it and they bolt into the axle housing. If you break an axle the wheel doesn
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someotherguy   +1y
Not to disagree with you too much but IMO a C-clip and semifloater are the same design. Semifloaters are a C-clip axle.

Also, 14 bolt GM's are available in semi and full. Light duty GM 3/4 tons come with a semifloating 14 bolt; "heavy" duty (8600 gvwr) 3/4 tons could be optioned either way - semi or full, 1 tons got the full. The semifloating 14 bolt is a 9.5" ring gear, full floater is 10.5"

Pretty good explanation of the difference between semi and full though! So you don't think I'm trying to nitpick you to death or anything.

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john-e bravada   +1y

You are correct, I always forget about the 9.5" 14 bolt. I have one in the back of my 01' and I can't wait to pull it and put a real 14 bolt or a steering 14 bolt. D60 rears are the same there's a semi and full floater version. They don't change ring gear size though.

I hate c-clip and semi floater axles, I'm a 10.5" 14 bolt fan thru and thru. I have 6 at the moment That was the 1st thing I did to the dually, pull the D70 and put in a 14 bolt even though the GVW rating is higher on a D70....
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someotherguy   +1y
You're probably right on C-clip vs. semi but are you 100% sure that the 14 bolt semi isn't a C-clip design? Remove the cross pin lock bolt and push in axles to pop out the clips? I guess I'd have to go look at a breakdown in the manual because it's been...2005? since I've had one apart, and I've had to remember too much other shit since then.