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Random lack of power on take off

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My 2000 Chevy 7.4L has been acting up occasionally this summer. When taking off from a stop sign or light sometimes it will have no power, no matter how far I push the pedal, it will only rev so much and will do that for up to a 1/4 mile or so and then all of the sudden it will rev higher and take off like normal. It sometimes does it once or twice a day, sometimes none. It doesn't throw any codes or lights although a few months ago the cel would come on randomly when it was running fine, and hasn't came on in a while and I just checked for codes and nothing. Any ideas? I am waiting for it to do it when I pull out into traffic and get ass packed.

Cats have been removed, new o2 sensors less than 5000 miles ago, other than that it is stock besides intake tubes and filter.
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