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chevy tbi throttle shaft bushing

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ill try and make this short. i have a 88 chevy crew cab dually (big block) that i use to tow my heeps. last weekend i was heading north when i noticed the skinny pedal was a pain to depress. after looking around a bit i discovered slop in the throttle shaft (inside the tbi). turns out this is a very common issue with chevy throttle bodies of this era. now i see there are all kinds of options to remedy this issue, everything from a diy kit to rebuilt tbi units. just curious if anybody else has had this issue? which route did you go to fix it? any issue since? id like to get this addressed soon as im heading to colorado to visit an old friend that recently moved up there and really wanted to bring the heep. so, let me know your personal experiences with this. thanks ahead of time.

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