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I hear a funny squeaky noise?

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Ok I'm about out of ideas? My little '93 Mazda B2200 pickup has a squeak/squeal/chirp or whatever you would call it. The sound is coming from the driver side front wheel, I just now pulled the cap off the hub, it has plenty of grease, wheel is tight but not over tightened. When that front wheel is jacked off the ground, I can give the wheel a hard spin and it only does about 1 and a half turns before it stops. I would think it should spin better then that? The noise starts at around 30 to 40 MPH and it doesn't stop till the pickup slows down or stops. Anyone have any ideas? I am needing this pickup to go to Tulsa in a couple weeks and I want to make sure everything is on the up and up before I drive it 218miles.

I already replaced all the brakes and the front wheels bearings.

Thanks for any info
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I've had a 1988 B2200 since 1994, now has 215K. Twice in that time I've had front end squeaks due to bad ball joints, and these are just bolt-on types, so pretty easy.
Ive also had a squeak in the upper control arm bushings; there are 4 little screw-in cap/plugs there. One unscrews these and threads in 6mm thread grease fittings, I used three that were 90 degree types. Then I pumped in grease from my gun. I do this every few years.
Note: these little plugs are not that easy to find (I use yellow plastic caps on my grease fittings to help me locate where they are !!!
Try pushing down and releasing the front left bumper and see if there's any sound.
Realistically: a bad shock could also cause noise.
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I believe I have it sorted out, the brake pad is rubbing on that front corner, I pulled the brake pads apart and then drove the pickup without using the brakes, the sound was gone, but as soon as I started braking again the sound slowly started coming back. It's probably either a collapsed brake line or a sticking wheel cylinder that isn't releasing enough. I already cleaned and re greased the slides on the caliper

Thanks for the help and info
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