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Mazda Exterior \  In need of door locks and fuel door lock with same key

In need of door locks and fuel door lock with same key

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Sam   +1y
Is it possible to have new door locks and fuel lock re-keyed so that all of them use the same key? I found a complete oem ignition, door locks, fuel lock and glove box lock on b2600i website but can never get ahold of them to purchase it. Any ideas on where to buy this stuff?
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Cusser   +1y
Yes; see a locksmith. I will say that when I purchased a new set of door locks from Rock Auto for my B2200 (because anything would open them), I considered this. But I don't find it a big hassle to have 2 keys, one for doors, the other for ignition and fuel door. The key heads have different shapes, not a big deal.

I was used to my old VWs which had door/ignition key, different key for glove box lock, 3rd key for engine lid.
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mazdatweaker_2   +1y
I agree with Cusser. A locksmith could probably rekey a cylinder to any key you give him. I would take him the ignition cylinder as the master key, and have the doors and gas door cylinders reprogrammed mechanically.

If you remove the driver's door cylinder, there should be a 4 digit code on it which is supposed to cut the door cylinder and match what is already installed originally at the factory. I found that when I tried to get a factory key with the title, the key they cut wouldn't fit anything on the truck. The parts guys told me that I needed to bring the door cylinder in so they could pull the codes and correct the key code error.
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Ricko1966   +1y
The reason the keys are doublecut now instead of teeth on just one side is so you can't put one in upside down. That being said cusser if you take both keys and have the teeth from one key cut on one side of a new blank and the teeth from the other key cut on the other side of the blank. Presto 1 key but there is an right side up for the different locks. We used to rekey the door handles we sold and installed at the shop I worked at.If you pull out a key and tumbler assembley you will see that the key holds the tumblers in different positions and if 1 tumbler is sticking up or down the tumbler cannot turn in the housing.Solution, juggle tumblers from position to position until the tumblers will turn in the housing, More tumblers to choose from the better but you can file 1 or 2 and still have a decent lock. I have left 1 or 2 out before gambling with first is anyone going to try to break into my car?2nd what are the chances they are going to try to break in with a key that fits my 3 or 4 remaing tumblers.
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cherokeed   +1y
On my truck I can’t lock doors from outside without shutting using the keys
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sincitylocal   +1y
Lift the handle when closing the door and it will stay locked.
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The Lizard King   +1y
^Seriously. Who DOESN'T know that?
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cherokeed   +1y
Im so used to driving my Toyota pickup for almost 23 years lol..
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