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Paraplegic need help with air bag ideas, 99 ram 1500

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Markwfrahn   +1y
Long post, I apologize

Hello everyone. My name is Mark, and I’m 22. In June I had a motocross accident while practicing, resulting in a L3 incomplete spinal cord injury. I use hand controls to drive a Nissan Frontier at the moment but the interior is entirely to small to be dealing with a wheel chair.

Anyway, my brother practically stole (no not literally) a 99 (I think, could be a 2000, need to talk to him more) 1500 SLT. I don’t know much about trucks, But it is the v8 model, the cab with half doors and 6 foot bed. Only 108k and absolutely nothing wrong with it. Apparently a mouse chewed some wiring and the truck broke down right in front of my brothers home, and while he was helping the guy he ended up offering my brother to buy it for 1200 to just get it off his hands. A year later and about 20k more miles and the truck is still going strong.

My brother is willing to give me the truck because it would be much easier for me to get my chair in and out. In return he sells the Nissan and uses that as a payment towards a new work truck.
(Back seat removed, the half doors open, i can slide my chair folded right behind me).

Now, the actual question

It does not have a lift but it is rather tall for a stock truck. And I know I could just do the normal lowering kits (i know there’s more to it, I’m just being general) but because of the overall niceness of the truck and me wanting to build a semi nice daily driver, I kind of want to go a different route. Such as full bagged suspension.

Now, I’m not talking about SLAMMING it on the ground, but I’d like to be able to keep the stock height ( or maybe lower it a few inches) then also add the air bags to lower it when I park and what not.

Questions...FINALLY ??

What kind of pricing am I looking at? Where do I look for kits and or places to get everything? Does anyone have a similar build? Problems with bags? Is it even possible?

The specs I know:
99/2000 2nd gen
SLT v8 4x4 auto
6 foot bed, crew cab? (One with half back doors)
Field trip   +1y
It can be done but it’s going to cost a lot because the truck is a 4x4. You won’t find a kit.
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