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Classy Bed Idea

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ninjarider   +1y
Has anyone considered installing a wooden bed in their B? The bed in my 86 cab+ has some rusted out holes in it but the fenders are in pretty good shape. I'm currently contemplating my options. I can buy another bed for around $200 or less and cut and weld it in place over the old one; however, I just really like the look of a wooden bed. Vendors really like the wood bed supplies and I am trying to save some coin. I also thought about a composite decking material to give a little bit of a wood look but with a longer lifespan.
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sincitylocal   +1y
Saw this on the interwebs some time ago.
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ninjarider   +1y
I think I've seen that before. They have spent some serious coin on it though. I'm curious about the strips between the boards they don't really look like the classic Chevy/Ford ones.
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