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97 F150 stock floor body drop

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Kidd   +1y
Hey just joined cause there is so much great info on this site apposed to others I have seen. Im going to be doing a stock floor body drop on my 97 f150 crew cab. I know nothing about doing said body drop other then what I have read about other make and model trucks. But would like to find model specific information if possible.If someone can tell me do you just trim the bottom of the frame rail and install a square tube on the inside of the frame rail or do you have to actually cut the frame on both sides of the cab? Please excuse my noobieness but we all had to start somewhere. Lol. Im maintenance tech by trade and use to fabricating and cant wait to get to work on this truck but want to make sure I do it right.

Any information on the whole deal as far as what I have to do to drop the whole truck would be so sweet. Thanks a million for any information you can pass on!
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